Firma Medical’s VED® products are manufactured and shipped from Mansfield, Texas USA. For the past 20 years our proven VED® systems have provided men a simple and natural way to return to health, recovery and intimacy. Today our next generation of VED® technology along with our personalized customer support and individual clinical follow-up is creating an even higher standard of product dependability and clinical excellence.

  • Three VED® Options

    VED® Ultra is our top of line “all-inclusive” system and is backed by our longest return policy and product warranty. Sold as a prescription product, the VED® Ultra is covered by Medicare (Part B) and most private insurance.

  • Insurance & Billing

  • Our VED® Axis and Classic systems offer two great additional options. Both are economically priced yet both still come with all of the vital technology necessary for VED® therapy along with Firma’s valuable patient support services. Sold as over-the-counter (OTC) products, the Axis and Classic systems do not require a prescription.

  • Prescription System


    Over the Counter (OTC) Systems

    VED®Axis VED®Classic

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  • Ordering the VED
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